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providing families with the support and resources necessary to enhance their student's homeschool education experience

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Class of 2023
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Virginia Beach, VA

A great majority of our services are provided free of charge to members and the community.  All income from the services that we charge are directly reinvested into The Homeschool Alliance and fund the many projects and events we offer to our members and the public.  


The Homeschool Alliance recognizes that it takes a village to accomplish the educational, social, and developmental goals of homeschooling.  We are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand with the various events and initiatives scheduled throughout the year.  Click below to get in touch with us and contribute your time and talents!


The Mathiak Family


I have three children--two of which are school-age, special needs, and have IEPs.  Virtual learning in Spring 2020 was understandably tough for everyone, but especially for kids like mine who were not receiving the services that they need to succeed.  Over the summer it became apparent that neither in-person public school nor virtual public school was going to meet their needs this fall.  I was scrambling for homeschooling options and certain that there would be a mountain of forms and paperwork in order to pull my children out of public school to homeschool them.


I already knew Khia as a friend of the family, but was not aware of her homeschooling experience.  She offered a free, behind the scenes demo of the program that she has successfully used with her own kids.  I got a unique perspective of the student's side and the parent's side of the software.  Doing a virtual walkthrough with Khia made my decision easy.  I'm pleased to report that my oldest is doing very well and able to work independently at her own pace.  I believe she's actually doing better in homeschool than she did in public school!


There was no sales pitch or MLM nonsense, and she received no personal incentive or referral bonus.  Khia helped my family and others just because she had the knowledge to do so.  She has remained available for questions and concerns, and I was able to withdraw my children from public school with no trouble at all.


Choosing a homeschooling program would have been impossible without Khia's guidance.  I would not have had the confidence to even attempt homeschooling without her.  She also gave me advice for making the return to public school easier, if/when we choose to do so.


In these chaotic times, I'm very grateful that Khia helped make the transition to homeschool simple.


The Mathiak family

(Jeremy, Alexa, Cara, Emily, Sebastian)

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