Home School

The Homeschool Alliance is a community based nonprofit organization (501c3 pending), operating exclusively for charitable purposes.  We aim to provide families with support in developing their homeschool curriculum and structure, as well as resources and events to enhance their student's homeschool education experience.  

We know that making the decision to homeschool can be a difficult one.  Even more taxing can be determining how and where to start, as well as maintaining an enriching and "school-like" experience throughout your student's school year.  The Homeschool Alliance was created to help alleviate some of the worries and doubts, as well as provide experiences for student's that help to boost morale and encourage their thirst for learning and socializing.  From paperwork to graduation, The Homeschool Alliance is here to keep both the students and their families on the path to homeschool success!

Our organization is completely supported by the community we service, and we provide various services at very little to no cost to our clients...with most assistance being free of charge!